McKesson have comprehensive mission statement, but vision statement of company is missing. The McKesson Mission statement include; stakeholders, quality, services, products, efficiently, pricing strategy, technology and processes.



McKesson HVS is committed to our customers and employees, and dedicated to delivering the highest levels of satisfaction in the implementation and ongoing support of our solutions. We apply quality principles to the needs of our customers with proven solutions, targeted training and complete support.

Through all of our experience and expertise, we make it easy for the customer to benefit from automation. We do it right the first time so that all of our solutions are seamless to the customer and we enable the customer to succeed by delivering solutions that are customized to their business needs today and scalable to their future growth.

By leveraging our expertise in all sizes and types of pharmacy automation, we are able to cost effectively build unique systems and deliver gold standard software and hardware technologies that are cost effective and scalable to support customer needs.

We will continue to be the leader and challenge ourselves to deliver the highest level of automation, counting accuracy, patient safety, inventory control, pharmacy efficiency, cost savings and customer satisfaction in the industry.

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