Job Title :صيدليات مصر تطلب للتعيين الفورى (دليفرى ) للعمل فى السويس

  • Company Name : صيدليات مصر
  • Job Location : Egypt , Suez
  • Job Created Date : Sep 30, 2020
  • Job Vacancies : 2

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About the job

  • Career Level: Associate
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Job Salary: 1 - 1 EGP
  • Experience Range: 0 - 1
  • Grade: Pass
  • Job Degree: High School or Equivalent
  • Job Gender: Male
  • Age Range: 21 - 35

Job Details

صيدليات مصر تطلب للتعيين الفورى (دليفرى ) للعمل فى السويس
ايام العمل : 6 ايام
ساعات العمل : 12 ساعة / 8 ساعات
تامين اجتماعى + تامين طبي + تامين على الحياة
اجازات سنوية + اجازات رسمية
للتقديم شرفنا بزيارة فى المبنى الادراى للشركة
29 شارع القدس الشريف - متفرع من شارع شهاب - المهندسين
او التقديم من خلال اللينك التالى
مواعيد العمل : 9 صباحا الى 4 مساءا


About Company

Between Now and Earlier (Our History) Misr pharmacies chose its goal to be a civilized and contemporary alternative to the ancient Egyptian house of life, to which every researcher sought after medicine, treatment and education, and included the high priests, doctors and sages in ancient Egypt, who sought to spread health awareness and provide medical care to patients. The House of life was the hope of a better healthier and brighter life, and Misr pharmacies is aspired to its continuous work and keenness to the best and the latest in the field of pharmacists and experts from competent pharmac

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