The administration of the Spiderbees is within the limits allowed by law to not disclose any personal information about the subscriber such as addresses, phone numbers or e-mail address. No such information will be exchanged, traded or sold to any third party if this is within the limits of possible site management capabilities, and access to information will be permitted only to qualified and professional persons who oversee the Spider Web site.

the site has the right to diplay the image , name and target job of user in certian pages as member of the network .


               After submitting some personal information about them, the subscriber agrees with the site that all the information provided is complete and accurate, and the user is committed not to register again, and another name will not be used. The name may not be deemed appropriate or inappropriate. Such as impersonating famous characters or links to websites or names that are not understood in its rule.

And the obligation not to register more than one account at the same time on the SPIDER site and when using any person for more than one account, it presents all accounts for the ban permanently.


Content Control:

               The site management reserves control over any content entered by the subscriber, without being required to do so, reserves the right (without obligation) to delete, remove or edit any material that violates the terms and conditions of the site without reference to the user. The local, international and foreign copyright laws and international treaties protect all contents of this site. By subscribing, the subscriber expressly and implicitly agrees to be bound by the copyright notices appearing on its pages.

Select legal responsibility:

               Each user acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the nature of the use determined by the site. The administration of the site waives its party to the maximum extent permitted by law for any losses, damages, expenses or expenses incurred by the user or by any third party because of the use of the website or Disability of use.



Situations or errors:

               The administration of the site does its utmost to maintain the website without problems, but in the event of any breach or errors may occur inadvertently or interruption of service, we ask users patience until the service returns to normal.

Subscriber Account:

  • The subscriber will enter a password for his account and his own email address to communicate with him. The responsibility for protecting this password will not be shared or published by the subscriber. In the event of any transactions using the password, the subscriber will bear all responsibility for this, without any liability on the site.
  • The subscriber shall bear all content uploaded and published via the website.
  • No subscriber can delete their account from the site or edit their username, because the account is suspended for financial and other users' rights, which can be consulted at any time.
  • The subscriber is bound by all terms of use and does not publish any content that violates Islamic law in any way or for illegal purposes, such as piracy, dissemination and distribution of copied materials, programs, deception, forgery, fraud, threats or inconvenience to any person, company or group Posting pornographic or sexual material, spreading viruses or espionage files, or linking to sites containing such violations.
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights or defamation of a person, organization or entity or intentional dissemination of any information that causes harm to the company, person, state or group, and the non-development of piracy, stolen software, and anything contrary to established customs and laws is prohibited. Through his account on the site.
  • The site is strictly prohibited for political purposes.

We note that this policy is likely to be changed from time to time, with the notice of participants and visitors to do so. Subscribers should review it periodically. If you notice any vague part or mistake in the details of the policy, please alert us.