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The Company may review these terms and conditions at any time when updating this notice. You must visit this page periodically to read the terms and limitations of your use of the site.

User commitment:
• In cases of account suspension due to penetration or suspicion of the site’s management’s right to request personal documents, phone numbers and any information proving the user’s identity, after which the administration has the right to return the account or continue to suspend it according to the information provided, knowing that the account information will be hidden in order to preserve the privacy of the arrested user.
• The user acknowledges that any information he provides via the site is complete, accurate and up-to-date information. It is also responsible for the content of any information or document presented through the site. The user will not register or login to the site impersonating another user name. The user states that he will not represent any natural or legal person without being authorized to do so.
• The user acknowledges that entering the site and using it will be for legitimate purposes only, and he is committed to not using the portal or the information, services or tools available to it to perform any action that results in a violation or crime according to the laws stipulated internationally, regardless of who is directed to that violation or That offense.
• The site does not bear responsibility for any loss of profits or any loss of any kind as a result of the information or services it provides.
• The site does not bear responsibility for any loss, modification or damage in the user data stored on the site, which results in an unauthorized person gaining access to the user data stored with the site.
Whatever the situation or circumstance, the site is not responsible for any of the following, including but not limited to:
Negligence that causes any damage or damage of any kind, whether direct, casual, private or consequential, or any expenses or losses that may result from the user using the portal or the inability to use it, or some errors or omissions, or the system’s response to any delay A reason was, a hindrance to operation, malfunctions, computers exposure to viruses, or the entire system malfunction, or the loss of any profits or the user’s reputation was subject to abuse even if the notification was made of the possibility of such matters, or problems caused by accessing or accessing the site Or use or access to other sites.

How we share information
Our services
Others who share with you can see any information you include in your profile and any content you post or social action (such as likes, followups, comments, posts) that you take across our services, in accordance with your settings.
Posts, likes, followups, comments, messages
• Our services allow to view and share information through posts, likes, followups, or comments.
• When you share an article or post (such as an update, photo, video, or article) with the public, this post can be seen by everyone who is sharing with you and can be reshared anywhere (depending on your settings). Members, visitors, and others can find and see content that you have shared with your participating public, including your name (and photo) if you post one.
• In a group, posts are visible to others within the group. Your membership in groups is public and part of your profile, but you can change visibility settings through the settings.
• Any information that you share on the pages of companies or other organizations within our services will be visible to it and to others who visit these pages.
• When you follow a person or organization, you will be visible to others and to the "owner of the page" as a follower.
• We inform senders when you take action on their messages, according to your settings where possible.
• We will let members know if they have visited their profiles based on your settings.
• When you like, re-post, or comment on another member’s content (including ads), others will be able to see these “social actions” and link them to you (for example your name, your profile, your profile picture if you provide one).

Other content, sites and applications.
• You are solely responsible for the use of others ’content and information published on our services.
Others may offer their products and services via our services, and we are not responsible for the activities of third parties.
• By using the "Services", you may encounter contents or information that may be inaccurate, incomplete, late, misleading, illegal, offensive or otherwise harmful. Spiderbees generally do not review content provided by members or others. You agree that we are not responsible for the content of others (including members) or their information. We cannot always prevent misuse of our services, and you agree that we are not responsible for such abuse. You further acknowledge that the risks that you or your organization may be associated with in error due to this content of others when we allow colleagues and followers to know you or your organization mentioned in the news. Members have options for this feature.
• The Spiderbees network may help to link members who provide their services (such as training, accounting, etc.) with members looking for these services. Spiderbees do not provide these services and do not employ individuals who provide these services. You must be at least 18 years of age to provide or obtain these services. You agree that Spiderbees does not honor or sponsor