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Range Rover for rent from Nassar Limousine

Rent a Range Rover Velar 2022 luxury car, rent it now with Nassar Limousine Company 01119920103

Rent a luxury car now with Nassar Limousine Company for Tourist Transport at the cheapest rental prices


Range Rover Velar 2022, limousine rental in Egypt, in Cairo and Giza at the lowest price in the Egyptian market


Therefore, renting a Range Rover is one of the luxury sports cars in Egypt with many features


Find out with us the prices for renting a Range Rover Velar in the Nassar Limousine Company for tourist rent


We offer many Range Rover cars in Egypt, including (Evoque - Velar Sport - Vogue) for rent 01119920103


Daily, with or without driver, at the lowest price. Available for domestic tourism, travel, or to go to important conferences


And private meetings, the largest fleet of four-wheel drive cars offered by Nassar Limousine Company


We have a pioneering field in renting SUVs, Mercedes and luxury cars

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Luxury car rental in Egypt


Renting a Range Rover in Egypt is one of the cars that makes it a unique choice for many who are looking for luxury


And luxury, so we have qualified and trained drivers with full knowledge and understanding of how to deal with all customers from


Sheikhs, princes, businessmen, and all VIP services. We offer our customers a rental service with a driver to work daily


For 12 working hours a day, we therefore provide pick-up service from Cairo International Airport and delivery to hotels


Cairo and Giza 01119920103


Rent a Range Rover without a driver in Cairo

Nassar Limousine Company provides a daily rental service without a driver in Cairo for comfort and privacy


More in your private journey, so we have offers and discounts on long-term rent for companies and


Businessmen daily rent 24 hours and 120 kilometers a day, so you can contact us to find out the papers


Required for rent without driver


For reservations and inquiries, you can call us or contact us via WhatsApp on the number: 01119920103-01101055099


You can also visit the company's website in Abbas Al-Akkad, Nasr City, Cairo, for renting four-wheel drive cars


(Range Rover) for difficult roads; As the Range Rover is, therefore, the best car to withstand the hardships of long roads


Therefore, it is a very suitable car for tourist safari trips in the desert. We rent the latest models


4×4 SUVs for adventure lovers so rent a Range Rover SUV; The most elegant and luxurious cars


Range Rover in EgyptTherefore, the luxury Range Rover cars are suitable for luxury lovers, because of their dazzling and attractive shape.


4×4 SUV rental for adventure and safari lovers


New Range Rover rent

Rent a Range Rover Sport 2021 in Egypt. Therefore, we strive to provide the best services in all governorates


Renting a Range Rover in its new look and with modern models, models of the year 2020/2021, to attend conferences and events.


The mission is for businessmen and VIPs, so renting limousines to private companies and electricity companies


And natural gas to attend important meetings with ease. There are also airport limousine services for airport connections


And reception from Arab Airport and Cairo International Airport to the hotel or private accommodation or any place you want for that


Rent a Range Rover with all its luxury and style befitting businessmen and important positions


Range Rover sports car for rent

So if you are looking for a practical car, then the Range Rover (four-wheel drive car), which is characterized by its attractive appearance


And therefore, it has its modern, developed internal capabilities, which made it keep pace with the current developed eras, so it can travel.


to far and long places; It can also travel on arduous desert and mountain roads without any problems during the trip


Therefore, it is easy to travel to all coastal villages and tourist places


Four-wheel drive (Range Rover) car rental for foreigners

Therefore, renting the modern Range Rover to foreigners coming from abroad, and receiving them an honorable welcome from the airports


With all the comfort and safety of our car, it is completely sterilized before it is delivered to the customer, in order to ensure the safety of our customers and ensure their health.


Therefore, the Range Rover is the latest limousine in Egypt, and is therefore available for rent with a driver who is fully aware of everything.


Roads in Egypt to provide effort and without a driver to carry out all your personal tasks comfortably and easily

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For reservations and inquiries: 01119920103-01101055099