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A package of the best features that make Spider products and services the perfect choice for your company, whatever your career

CRM System

The system help you make the right decision regarding customer follow-up and reach the best results to increase profitability

Customer Database

Create clients and easily reach them through the best methods of research and analysis

Customer management

Client management in the best management methods using advanced technology


Follow-up procedures on customers and a comprehensive view of all scheduled and late


Set sales targets and procedures for all members and know the percentage of achievement


Accurate follow-up of each team call


Follow up the visits itinerary


Develop visit plans and not miss any visit


Create demos and quotes for clients


Follow up on team sales and work to reach the best results

Location tracking

follow-up of the external sales team when making visits to ensure that they actually go to the customer

Sales Orders

Creating a sale order for the Client, whether cash or installments, and scheduling the installments

Orders Tracking

Manage shipment requests and follow-up stages Delivery, receiving and shipping with the easiest and best results


Set one or more commission types to the commission account for the sales team


Create a chat to direct members and to manage each case

Team Notifications

Receive scheduled notifications to see what actions have been taken for all customers

Security levels

High and advanced level of protection and security on the database

Sync API

Sync and connectivity with technological intelligence


A control panel revealing all the data that was deposited through cards with all procedures


Analytical reports for all business data that help you reach the highest profitability

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Invoicing system

Program to manage customer accounts by issuing invoices, returns, quotations, and tracking customer transactions through accurate and multiple reports


Various templates

Return invoices

Sales invoices

Invoicing system

Program to manage customer accounts by issuing invoices, returns, quotations, and tracking customer transactions through accurate and multiple reports


Various reports

Send email

Export to PDF

Task Management System

Through the task management system you can create project and assign tasks to team members and follow the work flow of of tasks assigned to them to track time line and the quality of work

Task groups

Tasks Management





Time tracking





Multiple views "

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After-Sales Services System

The after-sales service program works on making maintenance contracts, following up the services provided, following up on delayed repairs, as well as external maintenance technicians. And follow up the smallest details to provide the best service in the fastest time

Inquiries and follow-up

maintenance requests

Maintenance contracts

Various reports

The repair cycle is off center

Repair resources

Itinerary of visits


HR System

The human resources program enables you to follow up employees in attendance, leave, vacations, delay segments, salary and overtime status, as well as departments and know the most accurate details of workers through a comprehensive control panel

Employees salaries

Attendance System

Departments & Divisions




Delay Slides

Attendance Shifts

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Integrate with variants of powerful apps & services.


Google drive

Amazon s3

Google calender


Google drive

Amazon s3

Google calender


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